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Hello, my name is Siew Chew Yue and I’m originally from Sarawak but now I’m based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I studied Graphic Design at The One Academy. I'm a professional designer who loves to express reality through imaginary drawings, taking sadness or boredom in an oddly joyful form, wanting ugly to be pretty, always going for unexpected twists and doing complete oppositions, a total antithesis.

I like to express complex feelings through drawings and stories, you could see my work always involved intense colorful messy sketches or random overlapping texts on multiple mediums and named oppositely to the actual content behind. As you see, it's my daily: putting antonyms in my sentences, adding values to the pictures randomly and stun people by their meanings behind little by little instead of showing the simple full picture right away, because from what I know, that's how life works, or maybe just mine.

'Have a good day' is one of those extremely cheerful project I've intended with an unpleasantly sad story behind. The name is even resulted from the sad days I had experienced. In reality there will be no perfect person to cheer your day every time you were down. However, things could change and it depends on how we want to perfect company could come in many possible forms if you try to look at things differently. 

Despite my skills, I was often judged for my eccentric and complex thoughts that resulted in me unabling to fully blend with people sometimes, which still remains a huge disappointment in my life. However, I did stated I am into oppositions, I hope this huge disappointment could turn into something more than just a life long phase.



"Her publications’ concepts are always unique and personal, the content is well-curated with humor. The excellent art direction and execution blends a distinctive selection of photography, illustration and typography. The reading experience is eccentric with a few different voices narrating the content. Very personal and uniquely her, always having the storytelling approaches and visual exploration, high level of initiative and personal responsibility." -Publication tutors

"Always work hard and make good effort for new approaches. Going for interesting topic. Her execution never fails to be unique, cute, playful, cool and always carries a bit of humor, good at capturing characters: they always carries its own character and personality."

-Design tutors​

"She clearly have flairs with illustrations, always good at bringing out each characters’ personality. She’s able to connect ideas and themes to form interesting stories, it could get wonderfully playful  and yet poignant at the same time. It is evident that she were able to bring out her feelings." -Illustration tutors

"Yue will never disappoint you with storytelling and imagination. Even though many people don’t get the things she say at first but she tells interesting stories through her illustrations and work. A good person to work with cause she’s hardworking and reliable."

-Lim 7277

"I like how her work is always so unique and unpredictable in a way, her topics always made people wondered, who would have thought about those?"

-Loi 7354

"With illustration being her strong suit, Yue always knows how to incorporate her own illustrations into her work and bring them to life, just put them saja."

-Liew 3111

"Yue are truly yuenique...very sincere don't worry."

-Loh 6571

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I have bad handwritings and I'm into blurry pixelated instant pictures. My pinterest board is filled with ugly picutres and I pinned them as photography.

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I do unrealistic things people wouldn't normally think or visualize in real life. Such as strawberry on banana.

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I hatch my feelings out on paper while drawing. It's usually how I release stress and express my emotions.



Other than explaining how I dislocated myself during sleep, the reasons for my content proposal, medium and even my executions  would always make people go (:D / :) okay.

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I suggested blue bacons but nobody cares.

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​The topic of discussion in my feedback paper is always about me trying my best, and the agreed action is literally me tried my best.

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