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Hello friends, how is your day? Haha, small introduction here, we are Yue's well...unconsciously imagined, unamed fellows who had companied and guided her for almost everyday.


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Yue used to chase by birds, but it doesn’t stop her love for ducks. Some people view the quacker as some aggressive and annoying troublemaker, Yue's one of them who view them as an elegant creature. Well- dressed, mannered and mature. It’s some character whom she aspired to be and will take advice from every time she faces difficulties.

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A carefree, energetic yet friendly animal that was humorously clumsy and violent since it is unable to talk. Back then Yue's favourite animal was a bunny. It’s a fun doodle when she developed with her friends back in primary school. Since talking were so restricted during class, they pass notes to each other. Instead of doing normal letters they include funny cartoons in it, so the whole conversation would form into a really stupid and violent comic about each other.

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Appearing to be fierce and scary but is actually an obedient coward who’s literally afraid tons of things and just distract itself a lot with desserts. Might be an after effect Yue's experience waking up in the school office, the dog appears to be fierce and scary but is actually a total coward who’s literally scare of confronting and speaking up about everything. Due to a lot of insecurities, it likes wearing a red warm scarf and distracting itself by baking and enjoying sweets.


I used to live in a small and strict community when I was a kid. Back then I didn't know my perspective towards things among them were assumed unique. Day by day I realize myself getting harder to blend in with friends in school. Desperate for understandings and love, I begin to start seeing things people wouldn't normally see which I thought it was normal. Unexpectedly, a huge social trauma hit and affected my whole life. The continuing birth of these invisible creatures started to remain secretive until I was able to express them in a different way, which is through this project.


Naming and showing the full content right away isn't my thing, I wanted to name this project 'Perfect Friends' since it is all about imaginary beings we wish to exist in our dailies. Being there for you and only for you. The happy pills to every illness just by abling to see and talk to them in our own way. They would never dissapoint since they're automatically based on people's own willings. However, there is an important message that any existing kind of people should value that isn't about just own mindset and willingness, it is regarding about their livings, the rest of their days whenever inevitable conflicts happen. 

I care deeply of how my day goes by holding onto little things, and I feel others might as well. Regardless introverted people who's facing social difficulties, mentally ill or damaged teens, this project also targets every person on earth who just simply went through a tiring day, disappointed, exhausted and being completely alone with no one trusted beside to guide.


'Have a good day' is a simple phrase, it is what people would say to each other, your family when you 're leaving the house, your friends when you're leaving them, and even strangers who you just paid to receive a cup of coffee from. It's a well known reminder people used when a person starts to leave their comforting place, aka their great comfort zone to face the inevitable reality.


Looking back through my old sketches with tons of fantasy creatures I had drew,  I picked characters whom I find more  simple and approachable and redesign them into simpler characters in my procreate app.


I want my work to be applied on mediums which would be easily and even unconsciously be a part of everyone's daily, which wasn't completely easy for me. Dollar store is where I head to the most to look for them, thinking what people would usually get: erasers, bandaids, cards, mugs, cups, something people would own and use without thinking much.


Finding a good product to apply my designs on is a challenge since I had no connections with product suppliers. Thus, some products weren't able to be sold since they require suppliers and collaboration contracts with great companies.


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Our life doesn't just evolve on huge conflicts. There's so much more to look out for if we value our livings more, how the rest of our days go and how they will end. 'Eat more rice', 'don't get sick', 'stand straight', these small simple happy reminders we sometimes would ignore, should be taken seriously too.  Sometimes a person wouldn't feel completely alone when they are reminded or concerned about small routines, which could unexpectedly ended up being the secret ingredients to  have a good day.





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